Crynx is a visionary beauty company that offers spectacular skin care beauty product to meet the needs of all our customers. Our unique environment features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging skin care products across a broad range of product categories.


Having a good make up is wonderful, but having obtaining crystal clear skin is more important, that is why we have made this exceptional beauty product known as Crynx. This new skin care product has been created with the desire of promoting personalised care and confidence to make your skin look exceptionally young and beautiful.

There is no secret, most of us constantly seeks the best solution to look beautiful, but how do you define beauty? As famous Plato who coined “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, to draw the line is unequally subjective.

However, Crynx strongly believes that everyone is beautiful in their unique way, not by trying hard to be someone else but the definition of true beauty is simply being Yourself.


Nevertheless, many understood that statement, yet, majority chose to disbelieve such bogus idea as media has influenced our perception towards the term “beautiful” overtime. Could this be the very reason which resulted to low self-esteem? Did it caused fear and created a barrier in our social abilities? Uniquely different, Crynx possesses a distinctive positioning; we are passionate to rekindle your confidence with your own skin.


Crynx consistently seeks for products that is practical and effective for your skin. All products by Crynx are against testing on animals, non-chemical, highly concentrated and enhanced with premium ingredients from around the world to produce the finest quality to achieve the best result.

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