Crynx is a visionary beauty company that offers spectacular skin care & beauty products.


All products by Crynx are against testing on animals, non-chemical, highly concentrated and enhanced with premium ingredients from around the world to produce the finest quality to achieve the best result.


Introducing the new Ascend Spray V2.

Faster. More Effective . Unique Formula


Powered by our latest Superfluid technology that creates invisible embedding effect into water mist which absorbs deep into the skin and hyper activate your cells.


Get an instant lift and tighten skin with the new Ascend Spray V2


A timeless classic Ascend Spray V1.

Lift . Firm . Moisturise


Ascend Spray is a lifting spray that gives you your desired lifting result fast. Combined with advance formula that helps to promote skin metabolism. With just a spray, your skin looks tighter, firmer, and more lifted almost instantly!‚Äč


A range of sleep masks to rejuvenate your skin at night.


Crynx Morning Bliss combines a traditional sleeping mask with aromatherapy made from natural extracts that restores and hydrates, resulting in flawless skin overnight!


The perfect eye treatment machine and cream.


Crynx Eye Revo machine will help reduce your eye bags and alleviate puffiness around the eye area in just 10 seconds. Enhance your look with the Eye Revo machine and cream.

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